Asset Enhancement Service

Do you have a cool asset? Want to get the word out about your project? Simply verify asset ownership, give us some basic information, and we will setup and host a secure website for your asset at a url! You can associate as much information with your asset as you would like, including contact info, website/social media urls, even custom name/value pairs!

Return to CoinDaddy to update your asset information and asset website anytime you would like.

How do I get started enhancing my existing asset?
  • 1
    Register for a CoinDaddy account and verify your email address to enable your account. Then login to your CoinDaddy account.
  • 2
    Click the My Addresses link on your My Account page and enter your wallet address to add it to your CoinDaddy account.
  • 3
    Follow instructions to make a small proof-of-ownership deposit which verifies on the blockchain that you control the wallet address.
  • 4
    Once your address is verified your assets will be added to your My Assets section, and you can easily enhance your asset by clicking the 'Upgrade Now' button in the 'Enhanced Service' column.
  • 1
    Asset ownership must be able to be proven. With a proof-of-ownership deposit, the deposit appears on the blockchain, giving anyone the ability to verify information.
  • 2
    With a few quick steps that take minutes to complete, we’ll launch a website for your asset to help make your marketing and asset promotion easier.
  • 3
    Provide supplemental information about your asset, such as your contact information and social media websites, and help users know more about you and your asset.
  • 4
    Keep users up to date. Conveniently revisit your website at any time to make changes or updates to either your asset information, or to the website itself.
  • 1
    If you’re not technically savvy, or don’t have expertise in web design, you can still effortlessly compete in the online marketplace with your own website.
  • 2
    Inexpensively acquire public recognition and excitement behind your project, including soliciting financial supporters.
  • 3
    Users take more solace in supporting your project and trusting your website when asset ownership can be verified on the blockchain.

Real World Examples

FoldingCoin - Mine Medicine, Not Hashes


FLDC is an asset which is being used to reward users who contribute to Stanford University's Folding@home protein folding project. Learn more about this project by visiting

The Scarab Experiment - SCARAB

The Scarab Experiment

SCARAB is an asset that accounts for the lifetime earnings of an artist called Scarab. Anyone can become Scarab by acquiring the SCARAB asset. Learn more by visiting

The OCTO Party - OCTO - Decentralized Realized

The OCTO Party

OCTO is an asset which is focused on decentralized website payments for Counterparty assets and Token Control Access Marketing. Learn more about this project by visiting